Linda’s New Goal

Steps to Set the New Goals

  • Assess your current complaints/situation that you don’t like about
    • Why does it bother you?
    • what are the reasons of those issues?
    • What do you want to change?
    • What’s your goals?
  • Imagine yourself after achieving the goals
    • Draw or write your ‘one fine day
  • Specify your Plans
    • List what you can start to achieve the goal

As of 7/21/2021

What are my complaints of current situation?

  • Frequent headache and fatigue
  • No energy after work
  • Hard to get up after 8 hours of sleep
  • Shoulder Ache and bad posture (I assume a sign of turtle neck syndrome)
  • Frequent Stomach ache in the morning
  • Being lazy and easily tempted to eat instant foods
  • Sometime I feel too stuffy and heavy

Why does it bother me? What are the causes?

  • I feel like the overall quality of my day is very poor.
  • I have too much screen time without taking enough break for my eyes.
  • I hunch my back while working/using my laptop.
  • I drink too much coffee but not water. Coffee cannot be the water substitute!
  • I do not exercise enough.

What changes do I want to have?

  • Being in Better shape! (+ Lose weight)
  • Have good energy all day long
  • Clean and balanced habits/rituals
  • Be able to do trekking without hurting myself some day!
  • Cut off consuming too much sugar and carb.

Imagine My Day

Linda’s One Fine Day

6:00 amWake up, make the bed and drink a cup of water
6:10 amMassage my body using foam roller
6:30 amGoing to the morning swim
8:00 amHave a cup of mud water and check the schedule of the day/Check messages
8:30 amWork start
9:30/10:30 am Close your eyes, Stretch and drink water
11:30 amHave a lunch – Salad, Eggs, Avocados, Fruits, Sprouted bread – collect eggs from my chicken coop
12:00 pmWater my plants and do sun shower with them
12:30 pmWork again
Every hourClose your eyes, Stretch and drink water
5:30 pm Dinner Prep. – Harvested fresh basil and lettuce from my yard
6:00 pmDinner – Tried Italian recipe
7:00 pmPilates
8:00 pm Soaking in a bath using herbal salt
8:40 pm Watched Netflix and followed up news
9:30 pm Check messages and write a journal/diary
10:00 pm Read a book
10:50 pm Light stretch and massage for better sleep
11:00 pmGood night!

What are my plans?

Challenge 1. Starting at 7/22, Drink enough water (40 ~ 50 oz. , 1.2 ~ 1.5L) and take a break every hour

Challenge 2. Starting at 7/26, Challenge 1. + Home Pilates/Fitness watching YouTube (at least 40min. a day)

Challenge 3. Starting at 8/9, Challenge 2. + Mud Water in the morning, Salad bowl for lunch and Cut off Sugar/Carb.

Challenge 4. Starting at 8/23, Challenge 4. + Go Swimming in the morning!!! (this is the big one and the hardest one.)

Challenge 5. TBD, (Maybe soaking in a bath or reading a book?)